pH plastics is a partnership of industry experts who have formed to design and distribute highly engineered polymer products for retail and commercial applications in North America. It represents a blend of experience from the industry’s best-in-class: Technology originating from Germany, manufacturing from Haogenplast Ltd., and local design, field support, and marketing from Pixiu Solutions Inc. The products on offer are premium foils for window and door lamination, pool membranes, commercial roofing products, military applications and reservoir. It is a blend of experience formed to offer the finest.

Established in 1952, Haogenplast Ltd is a leader in the development and manufacture of premium vinyl products, supplying a global clientele with advanced quality solutions that are consistently raising industry standards.

Situated at Kibbutz Haogen in central Israel, Haogenplast is supported by an experienced management team and a staff of 150, who bring intensive expertise, advanced scientific and engineering capabilities, and a deep commitment to quality, safety, environment and production process. The result is a range of advanced vinyl sheeting, films and laminates for applications in construction, agriculture, home finishes and the industrial sector.

The company produces top of the line calendering, printing and lamination technology, exercising complete control and proficiency throughout the entire production process, from raw materials to the finished, packaged product. These advanced in-house capabilities ensure precise, tailor made solutions that meet the client’s specific needs.

Since 1998 Pixiu Solutions Inc has operated as a consolidator, converter and distributor of vinyl coated fabrics and film servicing numerous primary and secondary markets.

Its strength is its depth of knowledge and relationships of its operators derived from generations of experience and quality reputation.  Pixiu has applied this knowledge in developing its alliances with global manufacturers and in creating its market offering of well-engineered film, derived from sophisticated processes and services.  They are products differentiated for their quality; products, such as, pool liners, roofing membranes, construction foils, automotive and furniture applications, product design; and they have been uniquely adapted to North American regulatory environment and culture.

Pixiu’s breadth of experience and independence is also the basis of its niche recycling business whereby it has developed a global network of customers for formerly discarded North American manufactured products and materials.  It extends its foreign customers’ reach by increasing their efficiencies while reducing complexity and expense.  It is a business based on performance and trust.

Pixiu Solutions Inc. is a nimble and knowledgeable enterprise that is selective of its purposes and relationships within a global economy.  Products and services are available through Pixiu’s distribution centers in Brantford, Ontario and Edison, New Jersey.’