WinshieldTM UVX

WinshieldTM UVX by Haogenplast is designed for external window profiles and is a popular product line in the European market. A highly advanced laminate film for exterior use, including window profiles, doors, window shutters, sun rooms, pool rooms and patios, WinshieldTM UVX structure comprises pigmented PVC with transparent PMMA, a combination that offers unprecedented quality, high resistance to UV radiation, easy application, and outstanding durability.

    • PMMA acrylic layer
    • Application to wood/MDF/PVC/UPVC.
    • Flat lamination or wrapping.
    • Color ShieldTM technology preventing the build-up of heat by reflecting up to 80% of the NIR in sunlight, reducing the surface temperature and increasing durability.
    • Available is a range of colors and patterns, including popular wood-grain designs and textured embossing.
    • Meets stringent international standards of quality, including RAL-GZ 716-M20
    • Applications: windows, doors, architectural panels

WinshieldTM PVDF

WinshieldTM PVDF is Haogenplast premium foil for outdoor applications. The addition of PVDF makes this product extremely resistant to the elements. By keeping a PVC base, this product is easier to install than some similar product on the market, making it the best option for demanding manufacturer.

    • Highest quality foil
    • PMMA acrylic layer with PVDF
    • Extra UV protection
    • Chemical repellent
    • Easier to install than competitor alternative.
    • Exceed international standards of quality RAL-GZ 716-M30
    • Applications: windows, doors, architectural panels